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Book Binding

Traditional Hand Book Binding

• By UPS or by the Post Office (insured or registered mail).
• Specify as much as possible what you want done to each book.
• We will give you a quote and any other recommendations that may be appropriate within 2 business days.

• Most books will be returned to you in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.
• We request payment upon completion; return shipping provided free to first-time customers who mention this site.


Traditional Hand Book Binding is a craft whose tools and techniques have changed very little over the last 500 years. Whereas modern commercial binderies seek to streamline production and find cost-effective materials to meet the market demand for mass production, the Hand Bookbinder still handles each book one at a time—personally and attentive to every detail in a thoughtful professional,unhurried manner. By way of introduction to this 

fascinating discipline, we have included here just a few of the tools we use in our studio. We use only the finest quality paper, all guaranteed to be archival and acid free.

Traditional Bookbinding

Our range of services include fine hand binding and restoration of :

• Books

• Manuscripts

• Thesis

• Dissertations

• Genealogies

• Bibles and more

Open Book

Stacked Books


  • Book cloth bindings and restorations are $35.00 to $75.00.
  • Leather bindings and restorations are $95.00 to $150.00 & up.
  • Bindings can vary more or less depending on work required such as gold or blind tooling, labels, excessive mending, sewing or tape.
  • Rush orders: subject to 10% surcharge.
Before and After Books

Contact us near Boston, MA for Antique Book Restoration, Bible Repair & Book Binding - including dissertation & thesis binding, historic and antique jewelry & bookmarks - offering shipping nationwide.

Charles Videto

Charles with his repairs of the collection of Yale's biographies at Mory’s in New Haven, CT.

Traditional Hand Bookbinding by Charles Videto

• Member of Guild of Bookworkers, Manuscript Society & SNEAD (Southern New England Antiquarian)Booksellers)