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Restoration of your Antique Books and
Bookbinding Services

Applefire Books is your on-line source for Bookbinding and book restoration. We would like to welcome you to the wonderful and fascinating world of early printing.

We provide our services to many clients, such as:

  • Book dealers
  • Antique book dealers
  • Book collectors
  • Historical Societies
  • Institutions
  • Museums
  • Genealogists
  • Book stores and Collectors
  • Professionals

We request payment upon completion before shipping.

Traditional Bookbinding

Leather-bound Books

Our Specialty 

We have specialized in restoring many types of books such as Cookbooks and Keepsakes and Museums Collectors Books. We have worked with local museums to ensure a proper restoration of collectible books and we enjoy taking on new challenge.

Also available with us are custom made presentation boxes, slipcases for extremely valuable books.

We also provide a jewelry line that encompasses all the sentiments and beauty of Medieval times. Some of the most popular requests from our customers have been 19th century American authors. We use 300-500 year old manuscript paper. Every piece is unique and authentic and there is truly none other like it.

We are the specialists in book restorations and have large variety of antique keepsakes.

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About Us

Our Timeless Keepsakes Collection pieces use fragments that are 150 to 200 years old from the Victorian Era. Our most popular Keepsakes pieces incorporate bits from genuine editions of well known 19th century authors. Other pieces feature Bible and hymnal parts and include a mustard seed.

We are proud of our designs and hope you will enjoy them!

Contact us near Boston, MA for Antique Book Restoration, Bible Repair & Book Binding - including dissertation & thesis binding, historic and antique jewelry & bookmarks - offering shipping nationwide.

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